Accomplishments to date

In adhering to our original objectives of incorporation, the Society initiates, organizes and sponsors various short courses, conferences and events. Particularly in N-America ILPS has initially joined forces with the American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) Phospholipid Division to enhance our international recognition and to utilize the strengths of such an organization as the AOCS. In Europe ILPS organizes activities alone or jointly with other associations. Some of the activities previously accomplished were:

  • Lecithin Short Course on Lecithin Functions in Technology and Nutrition, organized by AOCS and ILPS, April 27-28, 2013, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, prior to the AOCS Annual Meeting.
  • 10th ILPS Phospholipid Congress “Phospholipids – Sources, Processing and Application” was held on 16-18 September 2011 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The congress started with a visit to Unilever Research Center Vlaardingen with presentations and pilot plant demonstrations, followed by 3 scientific sessions.
  • 3rd ILPS Lecithin Short Course 2010 was held on June 11-12 at Ghent University, Belgium with oral presentations and visits to the Cocoa and Rheology Laboratories.
  • ILPS Short Course:”Lecithins and Phospholipids in Emulsions” was held in cooperation with Ghent University on June 45-6, 2008 at Ghent University Belgium. Oral presentations and laboratory equipment demonstrations were given.
  • A Lecithin Short Course on Lecithin Properties and Technological Functions was organized by AOCS and the Institute of Neutraceuticals and Functional Foods (INAF) of the Laval Université at Quebec City, Canada on May 11-12, 2007, prior to the AOCS Annual Meeting.
  • ILPS jointly organized their 9th ILPS Congress on “Phospholipids for Health” with the 49th International Conference on Bioscience of Lipids and the Hungarian Academy of Science on September 8-10, 2006 in Pécs Hungary. Four sessions were devoted to Sphingolipids, Marine Phospholipids, Phosphatidylserine and Brain function of lipids.
  • An ILPS Lecithin Short Course was conducted in cooperation with Ghent University on February 14-15, 2005 at Ghent University Belgium. Oral presentations and laboratory equipment demonstrations were given. The best poster award was given to Mrs. Annet Knoth of the Friederich Schiller University, Jena, Germany for her poster” Stability of phospholipids-containing water-in-oil emulsions”
  • The 8th International ILPS Congress on Phospholipids was successfully held September 7-10, 2002 in Vienna, Austria in co-operation with the University of Vienna and the Austrian Medical Academy for Nutrition. PhD students presenting their poster were supported with a fee waiver.
  • At the IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) Annual Meeting and Expo 2002 in Anaheim, CA the session “Enzymes in Foods 2020″ , in Dallas 2000 the session “Liposomes for food systems” and in Chicago 1998 the seminar “Phospholipids as Functional Food Ingredients” were organized and chaired. Many ILPS experts presented their topics.
  • At the Food Ingredients Exhibition 1999 in Paris, an ILPS Lecithin seminar was organized in co-operation with the World Food Summit Conference Committee with 7
  • The 7th ILPS international Congress on Phospholipids in Nutrition and Cell Signaling was organized in September 1996 in Brussels (Belgium).
    In 1994 a Lecithin Short Course was held in conjunction with the AOCS meeting in Atlanta, GA.
  • In 1993 the 6th international Colloquium on Phospholipids was held in Hamburg, Germany supported by the membership of the ILPS.
  • In 1992 the first Lecithin & Phospholipid Symposium was held in conjunction with the Annual AOCS Meeting in Toronto.