17th International Scientific and Practical Conference | 20-21 October 2021 | St. Petersburg, Russia

Modern Trends in the Polar Lipid – Lecithin and Phospholipid – Industry


The 17th International Scientific and Practical Conference continues the cycle of conferences started in 1998 and devoted to the analysis and prospects of scientific and technical development of the production of polar lipids (phospholipids and glycolipids), a class of nutraceuticals and food additives.

Goals and objectives of the Conference:

•           engineering and technological aspects of natural phospholipids isolation and purification;

•           topical problems of lecithins (concentrated phosphatides) standardization and certification as food ingredients (food additives);

•           phospholipids as essential nutritional factors and their synergy with other nutrients.

•           new trends in the lecithin (phospholipid) world market;

Conference program:

Section 1.         •    Engineering and technological aspects of natural phospholipids extraction and purification, including the use of fluids of various chemical nature, including those in the supercritical state;

Section 2.         •    Lecithin quality; •    Technical regulation; •    Analytical methods.

Section 3.         •    Food phospholipidomics and functional products.

Section 4.         •    Phospholipid and concentrated phospholipid (lecithin) market and prospects of its development.

Conference organizers:

– Protein Plus Co. Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia;

– International Lipid and Phospholipid Society (ILPS), Cologne, Germany;

– Union of Food Ingredients Producers Union (UFIPU), Moscow, Russia;

– ITMO National Research University, School of Biotechnologies and Low Potential Energetics, St. Petersburg, Russia;

– Sfera Publishing House Ltd.

Supported by:

– Kuban State Technological University (KSTU), Krasnodar, Russia;

– University at the EurAsEC Inter-Parliamentary Assembly, St. Petersburg, Russia;

– All–Russian Research Instiute of Fats. (ARRIF), St. Petersburg, Russia.

Official information partners:

– “Sverhkriticheskie Fluidy: Teoriya i Praktika” (Supercritical Fluids: Theory and Practice) Journal, Moscow, Russia;

– “Agrarnaya Nauka” (Agrarian Science) scientific-theoretical and production journal, Moscow, Russia журнал«Аграрная наука», (научно-теоретический и производственный журнал), Россия;

– “Biznes pishchevykh ingredientov” (Food Ingredients Business) Journal, Moscow, Russia.

Conference working languages: Russian, English

Conference Organizing Committee: Website: ilpc.ru

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Contacts regarding this Conference: gmofree@lecithin.ru .

16th International Scientific and Practical Conference | 22-23 May 2019 | St. Petersburg, Russia

Functional phospholipids in the food and pharmaceutical industries

Functional phospholipids in the food and pharmaceutical industries

The 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference will continue the cycle of conferences initiated 20 years ago and devoted to new research in the chemistry and technologies of production and application of this unique class of natural compounds.

During these years, the volume of domestic production of plant lecithin that meets the requirements of international standards has increased in Russia.

The use of this functional and technological additive in various sectors of the food industry, in the production of feeds and technical products, has increased approximately two times.

Phospholipids, as biological emulsifiers with antioxidant and synergistic functions, have become widely used in clinical practice as nutrients and biologically active dietary supplements.

The main goal of the organized conferences is to analyze the scientific and technical development in this area of lipidology, to determine the trends of scientific and technological advance.

Conference topics

  • colloid-chemical properties and technological functions of lecithins;
  • analytical chemistry of polar lipids and lecithins;
  • creation of functional and specialized purposes food and feed products;
  • plant polar lipids (chemical composition and biomedical properties).

Activities within the framework of the Conference:

  • an exhibition of products of companies producing phospholipid-based lecithins and nutraceuticals;
  • a competition of post-graduate and student’s works in the field of functional and food lipidomics.


  • International Lipids and Phospholipids Society (ILPS), Germany;
  • Protein Plus Co. Ltd. (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  • St. Petersburg National Research University (ITMO), School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Supported by:

  • Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology (Moscow);
  • Russian Union of Food Ingredients Producers Union (UFIPU) (Moscow);
  • Kuban State Technological University (Krasnodar);


Conference working languages: Russian, English. The Conference Proceedings will be published as a special edition with an ISBN.

Conference website: ILPS.ru

Contacts: Vadim Mekhtiev +7 991 004 7878, +7 812 327-80-34, e-mail: VadimMekhtiev@lecithin.ru

Phospholipid Conference in Krasnodar

The Phospholipid Conference in Krasnodar will be organized in cooperation between ILPS (International Lecicthin and Phospholipid Society) and Protein Plus from St. Petersburg at the Kuban State University of Krasnodar. The conference program covers many topics about alternative raw materials for phospholipid production, phospholipid processing, medical and nutritional application, analytical issues and a market survey.