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Incorporated in 1991 as a non-profit organization by US law, the International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society (ILPS) was originally established based upon very specific objectives. There are a dozen corporate members from the Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries. In addition a number of individual members are active in the American and European subgroups. The By-laws are included in another section.

ILPS - Membership

Membership in ILPS consists of natural and legal individuals (Private member) and legal registered companies (Corporate Member), interested in the aims of ILPS.

Interested potential Members are invited to apply for admission in written form to the President of ILPS who shall present the application the ILPS Board for decision.

Membership fees are:

Corporate Member 400,-€ / $ 500
Private Member 40,-€ / $ 50

If you are interesed in obtaining a membership, please download the Membership Application Form, fill it out and send it back to us per Mail. You may find further instructions at the bottom of the form.

Download Membership Application Form


Please read the Society Statutes for information on your membership benefits, rights and duties. You may also download them as a PDF.

Download ILPS-Statutes