ILPS Board & Membership General Annual Meeting | 8 November 2019 | Cologne, Germany

ILPS Board&Membership General Annual Meeting 2019 will continue the cycle of annual Board&Membership Meetings, which will be held this year at Spectral Service AG and will gather all ILPS Members from all over the world to discuss several topics about Phospholipids and Lipids.

For more information please contact the ILPS Executive Director Rute Azevedo (

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16th International Scientific and Practical Conference | 22-23 May 2019 | St. Petersburg, Russia

The 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference will continue the cycle of conferences initiated 20 years ago and devoted to new research in the chemistry and technologies of production and application of this unique class of natural compounds.

Functional phospholipids in the food and pharmaceutical industries

The 16th International Scientific and Practical Conference will continue the cycle of conferences initiated 20 years ago and devoted to new research in the chemistry and technologies of production and application of this unique class of natural compounds.

During these years, the volume of domestic production of plant lecithin that meets the requirements of international standards has increased in Russia.

The use of this functional and technological additive in various sectors of the food industry, in the production of feeds and technical products, has increased approximately two times.

Phospholipids, as biological emulsifiers with antioxidant and synergistic functions, have become widely used in clinical practice as nutrients and biologically active dietary supplements.

The main goal of the organized conferences is to analyze the scientific and technical development in this area of lipidology, to determine the trends of scientific and technological advance.

Conference topics

  • colloid-chemical properties and technological functions of lecithins;
  • analytical chemistry of polar lipids and lecithins;
  • creation of functional and specialized purposes food and feed products;
  • plant polar lipids (chemical composition and biomedical properties).

Activities within the framework of the Conference:

  • an exhibition of products of companies producing phospholipid-based lecithins and nutraceuticals;
  • a competition of post-graduate and student’s works in the field of functional and food lipidomics.


  • International Lipids and Phospholipids Society (ILPS), Germany;
  • Protein Plus Co. Ltd. (St. Petersburg, Russia);
  • St. Petersburg National Research University (ITMO), School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Supported by:

  • Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology (Moscow);
  • Russian Union of Food Ingredients Producers Union (UFIPU) (Moscow);
  • Kuban State Technological University (Krasnodar);


Conference working languages: Russian, English. The Conference Proceedings will be published as a special edition with an ISBN.

Conference website:

Contacts: Vadim Mekhtiev +7 991 004 7878, +7 812 327-80-34, e-mail:

ILPS Scientific Symposium | 26-27 November 2017 Cologne, Germany

The International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society (ILPS) organized a Scientific Symposium in the historic German city of Cologne. Highly qualified experts were present with their latest research topics divided in 3 sessions (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). Each session had 3+ speakers, who are leading experts in their fields of phospholipid science. The program gave time for meeting experts and communication with colleagues.

The ILPS Scientific Symposium on Monday (27 Nov 2017) took place at the Spectral Service AG lab/company in the city of Cologne in Germany.

The number of participants (72) exceeded the target and the capacity.

Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen AWARD

In memory of Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen († 2015), our founder member and director, an exhaustless operator for the dissemination of knowledge and for networking people sharing his interests in the fields of lecithin, the ILPS created this award.

Willem was a good personal friend of many of the ILPS members.

We all will miss him.

Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen

This year Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen AWARD was given to

Prof. Dr. Mabel C. Tomás, Professor at La Plata National University and Research Scientist at CIDCA-CONICET, La Plata/Argentina.

Application of modified sunflower lecithin in delivery systems of chia functional compounds

You may download *) this lecture here.

Prof. Dr. Mabel C. Tomás


Dr. Seamus O’Mahony, Lecturer in Food Science, University College Cork, Cork/Ireland

Speaker 2
Dr. Michael Schneider, Lecithin Consultant, Lecithos, Jesteburg/Germany

Speaker 3
Dr. Fernando Romero, Science Manager Infant Nutrition, Hero Group, Murcia/Spain

Speaker 4
Adj. Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann, Consultant at Netzwerk Global Health, Cologne/Germany

Speaker 5
Frédéric Prothon, R&D Director, Swedish Oat Fiber AB, Bua/Sweden

Speaker 6
Dr. Dana Middendorf, Research Associate, German Institute of Food Technologies, Quakenbrück/Germany

Speaker 7
Ph.D. Essi Sarkkinen, Senior Expert, Oy Medfiles Ltd, Kuopio/Finland

Speaker 8
Dr. Konstantin Rizos, Technical Director, Genetic ID (Europe), Augsburg/Germany

Speaker 9
Jérôme Evrard, R&D Engineer, Lasenor, Barcelona/Spain

Speaker 10
Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen AWARD
Prof. Dr. Mabel C. Tomás, Professor at La Plata National University and Research Scientist at CIDCA-CONICET, La Plata/Argentina

*) if you are not an ILPS Member or did not attend the ILPS Scientific Symposium on 26-27 November 2017 in Cologne Germany, you will need a password and authorization in order to open the pdf-lectures. Please contact Rute Azevedo, ILPS Executive Director.

ILPS Annual General Meeting 2016


1. Welcome, Opening and Anti‐trust rules

2. Adoption of the Agenda

3. Approval minutes of Meeting 23 October 2015

4. President Report ‐ BD

‐ ILPS in USA, Last meeting Salt Lake City, next in Orlando May 2017

‐ Phospholipid Conference Krasnodar Conference 10‐15 Oct 2016

5. Secretary Report – RM

6. Treasurer Report – GR

7. Positions within ILPS

‐ Treasurer

‐ New Position of an ILPS Coordinator

8. Co‐operation with other associations

‐ ILPS subgroup of Euro Fed Lipids

9. Shipping of Milk and Marine lipids, problem with veterinary control from Non‐EU countries

10. Biannual Willem van Nieuwenhyzen Award

11. Analytical Projects 2017

‐ Nutritional values of Lecithin

‐ Other

12. ILPS Scientific Symposium 2017

13. Date of next meeting

14. A.O.B.

Phospholipid Conference in Krasnodar

The Phospholipid Conference in Krasnodar will be organized in cooperation between ILPS (International Lecicthin and Phospholipid Society) and Protein Plus from St. Petersburg at the Kuban State University of Krasnodar. The conference program covers many topics about alternative raw materials for phospholipid production, phospholipid processing, medical and nutritional application, analytical issues and a market survey.

In memoriam Willem van Nieuvenhuyzen

Willem van Nieuvenhuyzen

We are sorry to say that last week at the 8th of March our founder member and director Willem van Nieuvenhuyzen passed away from his cancer disease.

The funeral service took place among family and friends last weekend. According to his wife Jacobijn Willem has been busy until his last day with organizing his issues and they have been able to celebrate his 70th Birthday and their 45th Wedding anniversary.

We all lost a friend, a companion, a supervisor and an exhaustless operator for the dissemination of knowledge and for networking people sharing his interests in the fields of lecithin. He was a charismatic, pleasant and warmhearted person. We will miss him.

Pictures of successful ILPS Lecithin Short Course 2014

The 4th ILPS Short Course “Lecithin Functions in Technology and Nutrition” was held at the University Conference Center “Het Pand” in the sunny gothic center of Ghent with demonstrations in the laboratories. The number of 70+ participants exceeded the target.  View a selection of photos.

The Changing World of Lecithins

The Changing World of Lecithins” is a 6 page paper on the world supply changes and quality aspects of soy, sunflower and canola (rapeseed) lecithins. The article is edited by ILPS Executive Director Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen and published in AOCS magazine INFORM April 2014, Vol 24 (4), 254-259. If you want to learn more about lecithin, please register for the ILPS Lecithin Short Course.

ILPS Newsletter – Q1 2014

The International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society (ILPS) was recently registered as a not-for-profit association in Cologne, Germany.  Originally ILPS was incorporated in 1991 in the USA. The ILPS Board and Membership decided to transfer the Society registration to Europe, since most ILPS events are organized in Europe. ILPS consists of corporate and private members from Academia, Institutes and Industry in the Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Technical sectors.

Phospholipid Book Publications

Since the number of books on Lecithin and Phospholipids is modest, following publications are still recommended


Editor: Frank D. Gunstone

Publisher: The Oily Press, an imprint of PJ Barnes & Associates, POBox 200, Bridgwater, TA7 0YZ, England. ISBN 978-0-9552512-2-1; [2008]

Sales now: Woodhead Publishing Ltd, Cambridge, UK,

This 200 pages book is published as Volume 22 in the Oily Press Lipid Library. The Editor has selected with the support of lecithin expert Dr Michael Schneider 14 professionals for editing in total 8 chapters. The book has become an interesting combination of topics on sourcing, production and modification of the traditional soy lecithins, fundamental physical properties of phospholipids, technical emulsifying functions and biological functions of vegetable phospholipids and sphingolipids. AOCS – INFORM magazine, January 2009 edition published an extensive review. This book is a must for each student, technician and scientist, working with phospholipids or other surfactants in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications. The book is also important for biochemists and biologists with interest for biomembranes and phospholipid functionality in plant, animal and human cells and bodies.


Editor: Steven H. Zeisel, Bernard F. Szuhaj

Publisher: AOCS Press, USA, ISBN 0-935315-86-1 [1998]

The Book contains the papers, presented at the 7th ILPS Phospholipid Congress, Brussels, Belgium.