ILPS Scientific Symposium | 26-27 November 2017 Cologne, Germany

The International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society (ILPS) organized a Scientific Symposium in the historic German city of Cologne. Highly qualified experts were present with their latest research topics divided in 3 sessions (2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon). Each session had 3+ speakers, who are leading experts in their fields of phospholipid science. The program gave time for meeting experts and communication with colleagues.

The ILPS Scientific Symposium on Monday (27 Nov 2017) took place at the Spectral Service AG lab/company in the city of Cologne in Germany.

The number of participants (72) exceeded the target and the capacity.

Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen AWARD

In memory of Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen († 2015), our founder member and director, an exhaustless operator for the dissemination of knowledge and for networking people sharing his interests in the fields of lecithin, the ILPS created this award.

Willem was a good personal friend of many of the ILPS members.

We all will miss him.

Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen

This year Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen AWARD was given to

Prof. Dr. Mabel C. Tomás, Professor at La Plata National University and Research Scientist at CIDCA-CONICET, La Plata/Argentina.

Application of modified sunflower lecithin in delivery systems of chia functional compounds

You may download *) this lecture here.

Prof. Dr. Mabel C. Tomás


Dr. Seamus O’Mahony, Lecturer in Food Science, University College Cork, Cork/Ireland

Speaker 2
Dr. Michael Schneider, Lecithin Consultant, Lecithos, Jesteburg/Germany

Speaker 3
Dr. Fernando Romero, Science Manager Infant Nutrition, Hero Group, Murcia/Spain

Speaker 4
Adj. Prof. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann, Consultant at Netzwerk Global Health, Cologne/Germany

Speaker 5
Frédéric Prothon, R&D Director, Swedish Oat Fiber AB, Bua/Sweden

Speaker 6
Dr. Dana Middendorf, Research Associate, German Institute of Food Technologies, Quakenbrück/Germany

Speaker 7
Ph.D. Essi Sarkkinen, Senior Expert, Oy Medfiles Ltd, Kuopio/Finland

Speaker 8
Dr. Konstantin Rizos, Technical Director, Genetic ID (Europe), Augsburg/Germany

Speaker 9
Jérôme Evrard, R&D Engineer, Lasenor, Barcelona/Spain

Speaker 10
Willem van Nieuwenhuyzen AWARD
Prof. Dr. Mabel C. Tomás, Professor at La Plata National University and Research Scientist at CIDCA-CONICET, La Plata/Argentina

*) if you are not an ILPS Member or did not attend the ILPS Scientific Symposium on 26-27 November 2017 in Cologne Germany, you will need a password and authorization in order to open the pdf-lectures. Please contact Rute Azevedo, ILPS Executive Director.

Rute Azevedo

Author: Rute Azevedo

ILPS Executive Director